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Why do masks need CE certification

Brief introduction of EU CE certification
CE certification is the "main requirement" that constitutes the core of the European directive. In the resolution of the European Community on new methods of technical coordination and standards (85 / C136 / 01) of May 7, 1985, the "main requirement" that needs to be taken as the purpose of formulating and implementing the directive has a specific meaning, that is, the basic safety requirement that only products do not endanger the safety of human beings, animals and goods, rather than general quality Quantity requirements, coordination instructions only specify the main requirements, and general instruction requirements are standard tasks.
2. What is the meaning of the letter CE?
The "CE" mark in the EU market is a compulsory certification mark. No matter the products produced by enterprises within the EU or by other countries, if they want to circulate freely in the EU market, they must affix the "CE" mark to show that the products meet the basic requirements of the EU Directive on New methods of technical coordination and standardization. This is a compulsory requirement of EU law for products.
3. What is the meaning of CE mark?
The meaning of CE mark is that the products with CE mark are in conformity with the essential requirements stipulated in the relevant European directives with CE abbreviation as the symbol, and it is used to confirm that the products have passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, and become the pass for the products to be allowed to enter the European Community market.
Industrial products with CE mark required by relevant directives shall not be put on the market without CE mark. Products with CE mark added into the market shall be ordered to withdraw from the market if they do not meet the safety requirements. If they continue to violate the provisions of relevant CE mark of directives, they will be restricted or banned from entering the EU market or forced to withdraw from the market.
CE mark is not a quality mark, it is a mark that represents that the product has met the standards and directives of European safety / health / environmental protection / health series. All products sold in the EU must be marked with CE mark
4. Why apply for CE certification?
The necessity of applying for CE certification
CE certification provides a unified technical specification for the trade of products in European market and simplifies the trade procedure. If any country's products want to enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Area, they must carry out CE certification and affix CE mark on the products. Therefore, CE certification is the pass for products to enter the market of EU and EFTA countries.