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FDA certification inquiry

FDA certification query method:
FDA query link:https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfRL/rl.cfm


The following screen appears:


1. After entering the FDA registration and certification page, the left side is the enterprise name, product name and other query methods, such as the column of establishment or trade name, which can be queried by entering the English name of the enterprise.

2. On the right is to use the FDA registration number of the enterprise to query the information of the registered enterprise, such as the registration or feinimber column. You need to enter the registration number of the enterprise to query.
Search method: apply Name: enter Olympus to search quickly: click quick search in the lower left corner to enter the following screen:


Enter in the search box: Olympus click search to enter the following page:


To retrieve 180 products, enter: Olympus 180 in the search box, click search to enter, and you can find the relevant results.