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Important reminder about KC certification change of lithium

In order to enable consumers to have a better understanding of the certification marks on the purchased products and reduce the various certification fees borne by the product manufacturers, the Korean Institute of technology standards (Kats) announced on August 20, 2008 that the new certification system KC (Korean certification) certification would be implemented on January 1, 2009. KC marks unify 13 existing certification marks in South Korea, such as EK, KCC, KPS, etc., aiming to safeguard the interests of consumers and promote the improvement of product quality.

At present, there are new regulations and requirements for the application of KC standard for battery export to Korea. The details are as follows:
1. Kc62133-2:2020 is based on IEC 62133-2 / amd1 (21a / 721 / CDV, which will be compulsory in 2021-03).
2. The KC range of rechargeable lithium battery will be extended to personal mobile equipment (e.g. electric balance car, scooter, electric bicycle) with speed less than 25 km / h.
The KC scope of the product will take effect from January 1, 2021;
This means that from January 1, 2021, KC certificate is required for customs to pass;
The same procedure will be used as usual.
3. Kc62133-2:2020 is expected to start accepting applications in July 2020, and kc62133:2019 will be withdrawn on December 31, 2020.
This means that the kc62133-2:2020 and kc62133:2019 standards will have the same effect before December 31, 2020, but after that, the kc62133:2019 standard will no longer accept the application;
This also means that cb-iec62133:2012 can be accepted before December 31, 2020, and will not be accepted after that.

If you have a certification plan for battery export to South Korea, please pay attention to the change of KC certification standard to deal with it in advance, so as not to cause export problems.