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Standard of civil masks GBT 32610-2016 and standard of labor

Since the formal implementation of GBT 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks last year, although it is only a recommended standard at present, more and more civil PM2.5 masks have begun to actively implement the new national standard. After all, GBT 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks is a national standard for civil use.

1,GBT32610-2016According to the protective effect of the mask and the filtering efficiency of the mask itself, the mask is divided into four grades: A, B, C and D.


GB2626-2006According to the leakage rate of the mask and the filtering efficiency of the mask itself, the mask can be divided into three grades: 90 (Kn90, kp90), 95 (kn95, kp95) and 100 (kn100, kp100).

It can be seen that gbt32610-2016 requires both oil and salt properties in terms of filtration efficiency, while gb2626-2006 only requires salt properties or only oil particle detection.

2,GBT32610-2016 Use the mask on the head model to determine the protection effect:


Gb2626-2006 uses real people wearing masks to detect the leakage rate to determine the protection effect (the protection effect is equal to 100% minus the total leakage rate).

Because the head model used is not the same as the human face, so, in general, the protection effect detected by the head model is lower than that detected by the human face. For example, the Kn90 model of a famous international brand respirator, according to gbt32610-2016, is of class B, i.e. more than 85%; the headwear is of class C, i.e. more than 75%; while the kn95 model is of class B, i.e. more than 85%.

3,Gbt32610-2016 has no requirements for the air tightness of the exhalation valve, only for the overall protection effect of the mask. However, gb2626-2006 requires air tightness of exhalation valve. As a practical protection PM2.5, the requirement of air tightness of exhalation valve is redundant, because the final wearing effect is determined by the overall protective effect of respirator, rather than the effect of exhalation valve alone. This is very different from the labor protection mask.

4,On the package,

GBT32610-2016 It is clearly required that each mask should be sealed and packed, but gb2626-2006 does not, as follows

Only the sales package is required to protect the product.

5,GBT32610-2016 The resistance requirement is higher than gb2626-2006


Gb2626-2006 is:


However, as the current technology is much more advanced than before, most of the labor protection masks can meet the resistance requirements of gbt32610-2016.

6,GBT32610-2016 There are clear requirements for the content of many harmful substances in the mask, as follows:



GB2626-2006 No clear data requirements, only vague statements:


From this point of view, there is no doubt that gbt32610-2016 leads a lot.